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Hi! If you've come to check me out via the friending frenzy, most of my entries are flocked. You'll just have to take a chance. ;)

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Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
I'm currently a doll artist with a small business painting custom doll eyes, but I'm working on learning ceramics. I have two children, and way too many pets. I am a get it done kind of person, a managerial type. I am very liberal politically. I have OCD which shows up in a need to collect. I don't hold much back.
Top 5 fandoms:
Harry Potter, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Survivor
I mostly post about...
Life. I use LJ as a journal. I try to make it interesting, and attempt to compose good narratives. I may not always reach that goal.
My last three LJ posts were about...
A sick hamster
How often do you post? How about commenting?
A few times a month on posting. I'm working on improving. I try to comment as often as possible.
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Any time now, OK?

I'm pretty sure I mentioned that my antibiotic has been tearing up my stomach, right? I mean, between the way my stomach feels and the fact that it's given me diarrhea I've lost 3lbs, maybe more, since Tuesday. It's not fun, but I can live with it.

Add into that the residual soreness from grouting the kitchen floor on Tuesday, and the tiredness in my eyes from the frontal sinus infection, and I'm not overburdened with energy lately. So my big plan for the day was to take a short nap, and then do a final edit on my story before submitting it to the fest mods. Easy, right?

If you can't read about vomit skip the next paragraph.

I tried to rest. I really did, but the best I could do was a doze. I thought it was because my kids were too loud or something. Until right before my hour was up, that is. I found myself mentally fighting a physical reaction. I lost, of course. I gave in to the inevitable and started heading to the bathroom just as my alarm went off. I foolishly turned around to shut it off because things weren't urgent yet. They got that way soon and I had to move it, move it to hit my intended target. I spent a while kneeling as I literally lost my lunch.

You can resume reading now.

I'm going to stop taking the antibiotics and call my doctor on Monday for new ones. There is no way I can make it through five more days of this. I mean, maybe if I lost another 5 pounds... But, no. I really can't.

And all of this means my story remains unedited. I had to drop a note saying I can't do it until tomorrow. I feel too awful to attempt sitting in front of a screen for even the short hour or two I have left.

I also should be glad the vet rescue didn't call me to make an appointment to come out yet. Today seemed perfect since we were all home, but I wouldn't have made it.

I'm not going to say my life is without its positives right now. I'm getting stuff done despite having things pretty much implode on me in January. I just could do without the universe continually throwing crap in my way, you know? I'd enjoy my victories a lot more if they didn't happen in the midst of all this shit.

Still, I suppose I shouldn't complain. The past couple of months haven't been normal for me. There are people living with this kind of struggle every day. I'm a very fortunate person, really.

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Some of you are going to get this twice since I posted on FB, but you'll live.

I'm doing a walk with my dogs to raise money for the Michigan Animal Rescue League. My late pets, Bella and Devo were both from this shelter, and I also adopted Cowboy from them.

I know not everyone has the money to give, but if you can throw five or ten bucks my way I'll make my goal plus some in no time.

Here's the link, if you can help.

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Public Service Announcement

OK, I've never posted one of these before, but I'm cleaning out the unused journals on my friends list and since I have no idea if any of those people are lurking I'm going to make the announcement. If you're reading but not posting and I've dropped you let me know. I'll likely add you right back.

Really, guys. I'm not cutting active journals or people I know have been reading/commenting. I just want to trim the people who have seemingly left LJ. The only reason I posted this is in case I cut someone who doesn't post much, but is still reading.
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Sample Platter

OK, since I'm finally able to go back to the friending thingy and talk to some people I figure I'll leave this little intro public so you can see what I'm about.

I'm Michelle. I'm 40 at the moment. My husband and I just celebrated our 16th anniversary and we have two little girls together. He's the head of the accounting department where he works, and we're looking at spending a couple of years in Germany starting 2015 so he can work on some special projects at their headquarters. He works long hours and I wish he didn't.

My oldest is 6 and in the first grade. She looks just like her dad, but when it comes to media is my twin. We both like geeky things and our favorite characters are always the nerdiest of the lot. She super excited because next Halloween she's going to dress up as Doctor Who (the 10th Doctor). This year she's going as a zombie fairy princess because that's how she rolls. She even has this whole back story about her character.

My youngest is just shy of 3 and freaking brilliant. She's way too smart for her age and comes up with some of the best quips. She's redhead, as I was as a kid, but don't call her ginger! I'm going to try to dress her up in a wedding dress next year to go as Donna to her sister's doctor. We'll see how that goes. As my sister told me, "Yeah, Donna's sassy, but Kira's freakin' scary." Her biggest interests are building with blocks, playing with her stuffed puppies, and proving that I cannot and will not ever be ever to pull one over on her.

I'm a stay at home mom, currently. I have an eBay shop and when I actually put some effort into it I make pretty decent money buying and reselling used handbags. It's a good thing since I have a problem with compulsive shopping that I am constantly trying to fix. I read a lot, which lead to me putting up a Little Free Library in my yard. I have OCD and am impulsive, and both cause me a bit of struggle. I talk a lot about what I've accomplished during the day because I tend to measure my life by my accomplishments. If I haven't hit a threshold to make things "OK" I have a hard time doing anything fun, including leaving the house.

I'm sure more things will come up, but I do try to include a little exposition in my entries so I'm sure I can catch you up.
Cartoons Yay for attention!

I'm freaking hilarious!

Singing along with The Wonder Pets and Kira is laughing hard at it. I guess mom singing, "Let's save the lady bug" is better than stand-up when you're two.

She also thinks it's super fun to yell "Nothing!" when The Wonder Pets ask "What's gonna work?" She did it once and I laughed so it became a running gag.
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Speck finally graduated from basic obedience tonight, and only a month or so late! It's not his fault though. He wasn't stupider than the other puppies. I was worried he picked up a parasite that Cowboy brought into the house and didn't want to spread it so I pulled him from class to finish at a later date.

Now Cowboy is signed up for his first class, starting later this month. I'm going back and forth about signing Speck up for intermediate obedience class or waiting until Cowboy's class is done. The more I think about it the more I'm leaning towards doing it. I wonder if any of the puppies from this make up class will be in it? That would be a big bonus since I liked the people in the class.

In other good news, I went to the chiropractor today and he said that I had a couple of vertebrae out of alignment that were causing a disc to bulge, and that was leading to the pinch nerve I suspected I had. He did multiple adjustments and after I left my headache was gone for the first time in days. Hooray! Now I need to remember to go back again next week so I don't go right back to where I was. That and a massage might fix me right up. The pain in my eye, which I thought was all allergies, is gone now too, and I didn't expect that at all!

Tomorrow I really need to do some maintenance stuff like laundry and dishes. I suppose I should go dump the stuff at the thrift shop and maybe hit Home Depot for the stuff I need to mount the library. I was going to do it while the kids were with grandma and grandpa, but it rained all weekend. Oh, well. It's not like I have a set deadline or anything.
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Gee, I've been rather quiet here lately, haven't I? I guess I don't want to post the same old stuff every day, you know? I'm still having problems with daily headaches and a pain in my neck. I suspect a pinched nerve since I keep having twinges in nearby but not connected spots. Being in pain all the time has erased all patience I once had and made me a cranky bitch. Luckily Eric has been making an effort to come home earlier which takes some pressure off. And the girls spent the night at his parents' this weekend because their aunt was in town from upstate New York. I covet my alone time.

Even though I'm still not feeling great I'm making an effort to get some stuff done. I packed away all of my (clean) winter clothes this weekend and filled my closet with warm weather gear. Of course, I woke up to 50(f) degree weather this morning so it might not be all good, but at least it's mostly done. We're behind on laundry so I'm sure I have another box or so to stash, and I can't find all of my summer dresses so there's probably still a box in the attic. But PROGRESS! I can't get all caught up on what I haven't done.

What else is new? Delia's bed was delivered today and still sits on my front porch because I can't lift even one of the three boxes on my own. I have to pack up the toys in their play room so I can move my stuff down there before cleaning my former craft room for Delia. I still have some time before her birthday so I might make the deadline. I might not too, but I'm going to try to at least get the room clear before the 15th. Then we can start decorating, which she'll love.

Meanwhile, Delia continues on her path to true geekdom, even though we haven't gotten to the comic shop yet. Her favorite shows are currently Batman Beyond and Transformers Rescue Bots. She was digging Teen Titans the other day too. Kira is still stuck on Dora, but despite not manifesting any geek tendencies yet she impresses me. I swear I just read the toddler development emails I get so I can feel smug about how advanced she is. The most recent one gave "doggy sleeping" as an example of a typical sentence said by a 2.5 year old. Kira will tell me, "Cowboy and Speck are sleeping in their kennels."

I'll close by saying that I realized yesterday, while vacuuming our rugs, that my inner monologue sounds like I'm giving a lecture. Seriously, I found myself thinking about popular historical fallacies in a way that would have read like a paper on the subject. The funny thing is I just realized recently that not everyone does that. I tend to frame my thoughts as if I were explaining the subject to someone else. Maybe it helps me work things out in my head better? I don't know, but Eric looked at me like I was crazy when I started talking about it. I have thoughts, but since my head hurts I'll have to write about it later.
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I kind of wanted to go for a walk so a little before 11pm I set out to the corner store. When I opened the door I discovered a package. MY LITTLE FREE LIBRARY IS HERE!

Kira helped me stuff it with books since her schedule is all screwed up and she was awake at midnight. Now all I have to do is mount it and I'll be ready.

I probably should draft a press release for our city paper. I haven't done it in a while, but I'm actually pretty good at promoting stuff. I bet I can at least get a little blurb in the paper. I wonder if I should talk to Delia's principal about it so the local parents can use it.

I have a library now. Libraries are cool!

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